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When I asked

Since the moment an izlitiya of waters passed twenty !hours.The second childbirth of Dinara differed in nothing from the first too heavy, long, with stimulation and the long waterless period at the child.When I asked Dinara why, in her opinion, occurred quite so, she answered: We with mother came to a conclusion that this hereditary.Mother too had difficult both first, and second childbirth, and the uterus neck also long did not reveal.

To study

Methods and results of research of visual functions For achievement of the objectives of our research we studied such visual functions as speed, volume, sequence and accuracy of reproduction of visual incentives, tracing of moving incentives, visual working capacity.To study a condition of visual recognition at younger school students, stimulny images of subjects were experimentally selected.Procedure of selection of stimuljny images consisted in presentation to each child of theme groups of images vegetables, fruit, ware, clothes, footwear.

About the contract

Nastya was going to give birth in maternity hospital at oh to childrens hospital.So the doctor advised it.It recommended the specific obstetrician of the gynecologist.Nastya went to it on some surveys and understood that they will work well together.About the contract she did not even think: time the doctor recommended directly to agree with the doctor, so and it is necessary to make.Besides, neither the separate chamber, nor presence of the husband were not necessary to Nastya.

He began

.Zoya answered: She fell down from a table!.What strange vase!mother was surprised.And she when fell, told you Goodbye?.ZAYKAZAZNAYKA On a green glade, in the wood, gathered kakto some hares.One hare, with a dark stain on a back, climbed on a stub.He began to tell other hares about the feats.Friends!the hare told.I am the strongest animal in the wood.For me to cope with a fox trifles.

Then to it suggest

Occupation course.Before the child display all pictures and ask them to consider.Then to it suggest to spread out them one after another: Spread out so that it was clear that the boy drew in the beginning that then, and that he drew at the end.Make the story according to these pictures.In case of difficulty the teacher starts displaying pictures and speaks: Here the boy started drawing, see, he drew the line.What then he drew?, etc.

The child

In the beginning the child is given only the general instruction: Call in a hand bell!If it starts jumping up, seeking to grab a hand bell uvula, the teacher speaks: Think that can help to call you in a hand bell.The child most often starts pulling for the longest string.But the hand bell thus does not ring.Having given to the child opportunity independently several times to pull a false string, the teacher speaks: You hear that the hand bell does not ring, try to pull other string!


The child has ideas of sound structure slo g and words of oral speech, is able to unite speech segmen you syllables, words in a whole on the basis of the ustnorechevy sample.Violations in formation of these operations at drive to difficulties of a slogosliyaniye, admissions, addition holes and to repetitions of letters, complicate mastering the synthetic reading.At the child representations about morfolo are created gichesky structure of the word and coordination of words in a prebed scientific research institute on the basis of what there is an anticipation and a pony mania of the contents.

Daily nearly

daily nearly an every day often, almost every other day time two in a week more rare, whose once a week seldom, once a month or is more rare It is how desirable to be for you it is very undesirable it is undesirable neither that, nor another = it is desirable it is very desirable As far as you are timid the friend one age, sex?= is much more timid = is more timid = approximately also = is less timid is much less timid Whether have you kogdanibud had problems with shyness?yes, it is frequent = yes, sometimes = yes, from time to time = it is rare = never When you feel shyness, whether you can hide it from others?

Same we will

It is better to do vaccination some months prior to receipt in a garden.Then the period of adaptation of the child to the new environment will pass easier.Same we will protect the child from inoculative complications.The ADSM component is dangerous!It is better for the weakened children to do an inoculation by a vaccine which does not contain a protivokoklyushny component ADSM as most of doctors considers what exactly adverse reactions to an inoculation are most often connected with this component.

Milk, kefir

Salt Liquidly, but not water, It is white, but not snow.Milk, kefir I drink it in the mornings, It is useful to me and you.Juice, tea And komkovato, And nozdrevato, And it is soft, And withdrawal pains, And it is lovelier than all.Bread What on a frying pan pour yes four times bend?Pancake In purely cleaned svetlichka Sestrynevelichka doze.These sisters all day Get a spark.Matches Handmade articles and drawings from products Very often parents buy to children one box with colored pencils and a box with paints and some brushes for their creative attempts.

Subject: CLOTHES

Connect lines products and ware to the corresponding dish.Exercise The fourth superfluous: Listen to words and call the excess word.Explain, why it superfluous.Plate, fork, bread, knife.Wafers, cup, steeringwheel, crackers.Cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, sausage.Subject: CLOTHES To consider together with the child of the picture.To acquaint him with names of subjects clothes.To enshrine the generalizing concept clothes in the dictionary.

Still the standardized

Still the standardized theoretically reasonable techniques of diagnostics of violation visual especially visual motor functions are not developed; there are no data on specifics of errors of reading at children with these violations; there is no technique of correctional work on elimination of the dyslexia caused by visual deficiency.For the solution of the specified problems studying of formation of skills of reading at school students kh classes of comprehensive school during which the role of violations of oral speech and visual functions in emergence of technical and semantic mistakes when reading became clear was undertaken.

That then

In case of difficulty reception of a pripominaniye is used.Speak to the child: Remember when we bathed a doll, what we did in the beginning?Find it on the picture and put its the first.Truly, at first we a doll undressed, this picture.That then we did?Correctly, we bathed her, here it is drawn.And then that did with a doll?Truly, we wiped it a towel, this picture.And then what did?Correctly, we to it put on a new dress, here again the girl puts on a new dress a doll.

Of course, for a while. But after


Material passes an approbation stage in childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori.Date NUMBERS Age years Exercise purpose Comparison of the alphabetic image of number to its digital image.Intuitive reading.Material In a box plates with the words written on them lie: one, two, three, four, five etc.Square small cards with figures from to are applied to it.The child takes out the description of work from a box of a card and orders them, displaying the word and the corresponding figure nearby.

After a bathtub

Number of players: This game will help children to know the body better.After a bathtub lets the kid run about a little stark naked.Take labels with cheerful physiognomies or with images of animals with which your child is familiar.Give it one of them and show how to stick it to a body.Specify the place, most convenient for a sticker, on his tummy, and let the tummy with a sticker move vzadvpered.Specify to it a place where it is most convenient to attach a label on a cheek, and let it be inflated and blown off, also it can be fingers on legs to move with them, elbows to move them up and down, palms to open and close them.

In case

To the child suggest to consider the picture and to tell that there occurs.In case of difficulty the teacher asks the child the specifying questions: Who is represented on the picture?What do people consider?Who sells toys?Who buys toys?When you were in toy store?With whom you were in shop?What there bought you?Why people go to toy store?Then the child makes the story according to this picture.IN THE YARD TASK Equipment: subject picture: near the house the big boy rides a swing, and nearby there is a little boy and sadly looks at it; nearby children play in a sandbox fig.

A stone a cornelian. Dyne

Besides, the number

Frequency regress these in the movements of eyes depends on the level of automation of skill of reading: the reader is more skilled, the less visual regressions are made by him in the course of reading, and, on the contrary, the less readers experience, the is more often return to the already read.Besides, the number of the regressive movements of eyes depends on characteristics of the readable text complexity, novelty, the importance for reading.Besides regressive movements, when reading also the antitsipiruyushchy movements of eyes which allow to run in the text forward are noted.

For example, if you want

Conversation with audience in people unreal achievement for this purpose who is frightened also one interlocutor.A lot of time will be required to you and for division of your task into small, more available parts.For example, if you want to get more friends, at the first stage it will be necessary to greet four strangers same week.How to watch the progress.You need to use the table of the South a notebook.It is possible to ask friends to watch you.How to award itself when performing each part of contrast.

Isisis, isisis

Isisis, isisis Pier, commission, yew.Isisis, isisis Larch, garden radish.Isisis, isisis Liszt, actor, cypress.Isisis, isisis Whistle, narcissus, barberry.Isisis, isisis Spark, taxi driver, iris.Isisis, isisis Attack, peep, compromise.POKHOZHKI Foxes, rice and yew.Peep, disk and risk.Bowl, risk and cat.Twist and whistle.ODNOSLOVOVDRUGOMKI Peep in a subscription.A leaf in a larch.Foxes in the soloist.

The child

The child reads simple frequency words entirely, synthetic, and meeting polysyllabic or unknown words, passes to poslogovy reading, At synthetic reading the child operates with the whole words and groups of words, fluently and correctly reads the whole offers.The stages of consecutive integration of operational units of reading connected with mastering the child various ways steps of reading are in detail described by T.G.Egorov The mechanisms of reading considered by us provide its technical aspect which creates conditions for formation of a semantic aspect of reading.

If you cannot

Avoid situations in which you feel discomfort, and people with whom you do not want to communicate.If you cannot change a situation or correct own reaction, leave until the complex of own inferiority started developing in you.Life is too short to spend time for grieves.Give yourself time to relax, have a rest, listen to themselves, to derive pleasure from a hobby and affairs in which you can be engaged alone.In such a way you will be able to communicate with yourself.

It was not simple

For the boy Olya did not take part in a name choice.It was not simple first at it neither forces, nor time to think of it.And here its native Oleg, parents and the fatherinlaw with the motherinlaw thought.Were going to note the birth of the successor in the first evening and decided to name Maxim.Then called Olya and joyfully informed her on it.But the girlfriend at that moment had no time for them and not to a name to come to!To such sad physical state absolutely the postnatal depression inopportunely increased.

Rain Art creativity

And anywhere I will not go, While it goes.Rain Art creativity at dacha and in a garden It is possible to find a set of materials for art creativity in a garden.These games will help you and your children to develop the imagination and art taste.Will add to experience with materials, various according to the invoice, and, of course, will give pleasure.We build of sand Age: years.Number of players: any.If you are going to spend time with children at dacha, to you not to do without sandbox.

Over it trapezes

Chickens were delighted.One chicken got up on a back of one duckling.Behind them other five chickens climbed on backs of five ducklings and floated on water.Since then mother chicken began to call the chickens my courageous swimmers.Combinations of TS and HARDWARE are said as C.IN CIRCUS In circus there is an arena.Over it trapezes and rings hang.On rings acrobats somersault.Gymnasts ride a trapeze.On a rope ropewalkers go.

■ And, at last, if the child

e.more difficult in comparison with the learned.Automation of the caused sound in this type of the speech concerns to the last the final stage.■ And, at last, if the child already seized the diploma, it is possible to use our stories and fairy tales for independent reading.To children with violation of a pronunciation it is useful to read the texts sated with the automated sound.Progress to you!Excellent student of education, logopedist of the top skills Tkachenko T.

So, the child

The hardening can be begun with the birth The hardening can be begun in the first days after the birth.It is necessary to show the child to the doctor only at first.If the kid is healthy and the doctor does not find at it any signs of defeat of nervous system if he well sucks and constantly puts on weight, quietly begin a hardening.So, the child was born.If childbirth took place normally and the child is healthy if for the first days lost in the weight no more than g and if in the next days there is an increase in weight, already on y day, after survey by the doctor, it is possible to offer different options of a hardening.


As you can see, we suggest to make a start from an old golden rule: in democratic society everyone can always replace the role.Anything new.in our prompt and sharp world it it is better to replace the only thing that it would be desirable to add with a role of the aggressive dictator, than for a role of the dumb slave.Of course, it is possible to investigate also a role of the slave..We considered something similar when spoke about the guard and the captive.

I feel in more

And then everything became very easy.I feel in more advantageous position they after all, generally simply sad men wishing pleasures.However, maybe, such work suppressed me because I gave up it.Other example the prostitute who had halfdozens of clients at night but which spoke, nevertheless, that very much quails with people who are pleasant to her.Not easy to define barriers of the specific timid person because they are disguised.Kakoyelibo action of such person can seem quite free and relaxed, but is based on hostility or fear.

The second

The second experimental series assuming coding of test incentives in the direction from right to left revealed the following: in control group of pupils the speed of coding equaled incentivesmin., children made on average , mistakes, and stability of visual working capacity made In experimental group coding speed , incentives min., quantity of mistakes stability of visual working capacity These data also specified that on the level of formation of visual working capacity in the second series of coding between pupils of control and experimental groups of statistical distinctions was not.

Zimbardo: Yes, shyness

Zimbardo: Yes, shyness becomes burdensome when it, like a certain unknown force, holds you because that you want and that you would manage to make Burnett: and instead you speak and do nonsenses.Zimbardo: And whether there are no councils from own experience which could help to overcome shyness to other, your many admirers at you?Burnett: I can tell that always I speak to the three to daughters: it is very important to know that others have the same problems, as you, and it is not necessary to be so vainglorious to think that the world costs that people think of your appearance, of your experiences and acts, or that kakoyto the boy did not invite you to dance.

The boy was three

Such cases not a rarity at Shishids school.Example.The boy was three years old and four months, he was born with multiple physical deformations and was many times operated.It happened when he was one year old and one month, the doctor made the diagnosis an arrest of development owing to brain violation.The doctor told that he will be confined to the bed for the rest of life.But there was a miracle since he was admitted to us to school on the Development of Software program.

Where mistake? ZAPRYATKI

Where mistake?Wheels at the bus, the trolleybus, the plane, scooter, samovar, dump truck.Where mistake?ZAPRYATKI Boot, scooter, landing, napkin, blot, crybaby, mermaid.Where the wasp hides?San, Samodelkin, Sadko, Susanna, Savva, Vasilisa, Anfisa, Larisa, Saltan.Where the fox hides?NOT CARCASSES There is no apricot, a coco, a garden radish, Halibut, vinegar, kvass and rice.The compass is not present, a launch and a cable, Thermos, press, indusamatrosa.


The more the kid will communicate with the nature, the he will be quieter and more healthy to feel.Conversation the sixth ABOUT PREVENTIVE INOCULATIONS Very often parents ask: whether it is worth doing to children preventive inoculations?Whether it is better to provide to the kid to have childrens infectious diseases, such how measles, whooping cough and others, so far he is still small?After all many know that at adults these diseases proceed much heavier.Whether the inoculation will make negative impact on the childs organism?

In other

In other words, the boy with a name of the father will repeat his course of life and to possess similar qualities of character, and the girl called in honor of mother will become her copy.Whether so it?Whether the mythical component of a name is so strong, what together with a narecheniye the destiny is foreseen?If it is rationally to argue, having cast away prejudices and mythical coincidence, the child anyway as call him, will inherit character or at least some lines of the parents.

If you want

And all because they learn language, using the abilities as the computer.Children do not learn language, using only memory as adults do.Over the years, however, such ability disappears.If you want that your child well spoke a foreign language, I advise you to listen to cartridges disks in a foreign language from year age.Development of software gives considerable effect even at learning of foreign language.In Japanese system of training, the child starts learning English, having only passed into incomplete high school classes; an average step of high school in which children from to years are trained.

Thus the toad

I beg you to be my wife!.Well!the toad answers.Come later, to blackberry bushes.The crane approached blackberry with already open beak.He wanted to swallow quicker a toad.But here the toad ran out and dexterously put to a crane in a beak a tin circle.Thus the toad cunning told: Here to you, crane, wedding ring!.Long the surprised crane could not close a beak.BUG AND CENTIPEDE Kakto in the morning on a forest path the bug saw a centipede.

She did not know

Brought to Olya her boy, she purely mechanically tried it to feed and could not wait when it is taken away back.She was afraid of it.If the kid during short moments of their communication started crying, Olya fell into a stupor.She did not know how to calm him.Was nervous.To it it was awfully inconvenient before neigbours in chamber: their children are silent, and at it shouts.Olya remembers that the atmosphere in maternity hospital was pressing.


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