The second

The second The second experimental series assuming coding of test incentives in the direction from right to left revealed the following: in control group of pupils the speed of coding equaled incentivesmin.

, children made on average , mistakes, and stability of visual working capacity made In experimental group coding speed , incentives min.

, quantity of mistakes stability of visual working capacity These data also specified that on the level of formation of visual working capacity in the second series of coding between pupils of control and experimental groups of statistical distinctions was not.

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Zimbardo: Yes, shyness

Zimbardo: Yes, shyness Zimbardo: Yes, shyness becomes burdensome when it, like a certain unknown force, holds you because that you want and that you would manage to make Burnett: and instead you speak and do nonsenses.

Zimbardo: And whether there are no councils from own experience which could help to overcome shyness to other, your many admirers at you?

Burnett: I can tell that always I speak to the three to daughters: it is very important to know that others have the same problems, as you, and it is not necessary to be so vainglorious to think that the world costs that people think of your appearance, of your experiences and acts, or that kakoyto the boy did not invite you to dance.

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The boy was three

The boy was three Such cases not a rarity at Shishids school.


The boy was three years old and four months, he was born with multiple physical deformations and was many times operated.

It happened when he was one year old and one month, the doctor made the diagnosis an arrest of development owing to brain violation.

The doctor told that he will be confined to the bed for the rest of life.

But there was a miracle since he was admitted to us to school on the Development of Software program.

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Where mistake? ZAPRYATKI

Where mistake? ZAPRYATKI Where mistake?

Wheels at the bus, the trolleybus, the plane, scooter, samovar, dump truck.

Where mistake?

ZAPRYATKI Boot, scooter, landing, napkin, blot, crybaby, mermaid.

Where the wasp hides?

San, Samodelkin, Sadko, Susanna, Savva, Vasilisa, Anfisa, Larisa, Saltan.

Where the fox hides?

NOT CARCASSES There is no apricot, a coco, a garden radish, Halibut, vinegar, kvass and rice.

The compass is not present, a launch and a cable, Thermos, press, indusamatrosa.

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Conversation The more the kid will communicate with the nature, the he will be quieter and more healthy to feel.

Conversation the sixth ABOUT PREVENTIVE INOCULATIONS Very often parents ask: whether it is worth doing to children preventive inoculations?

Whether it is better to provide to the kid to have childrens infectious diseases, such how measles, whooping cough and others, so far he is still small?

After all many know that at adults these diseases proceed much heavier.

Whether the inoculation will make negative impact on the childs organism?

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In other

In other In other words, the boy with a name of the father will repeat his course of life and to possess similar qualities of character, and the girl called in honor of mother will become her copy.

Whether so it?

Whether the mythical component of a name is so strong, what together with a narecheniye the destiny is foreseen?

If it is rationally to argue, having cast away prejudices and mythical coincidence, the child anyway as call him, will inherit character or at least some lines of the parents.

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