Rain Art creativity

Rain Art creativity And anywhere I will not go, While it goes.

Rain Art creativity at dacha and in a garden It is possible to find a set of materials for art creativity in a garden.

These games will help you and your children to develop the imagination and art taste.

Will add to experience with materials, various according to the invoice, and, of course, will give pleasure.

We build of sand Age: years.

Number of players: any.

If you are going to spend time with children at dacha, to you not to do without sandbox.

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Over it trapezes

Over it trapezes Chickens were delighted.

One chicken got up on a back of one duckling.

Behind them other five chickens climbed on backs of five ducklings and floated on water.

Since then mother chicken began to call the chickens my courageous swimmers.

Combinations of TS and HARDWARE are said as C.

IN CIRCUS In circus there is an arena.

Over it trapezes and rings hang.

On rings acrobats somersault.

Gymnasts ride a trapeze.

On a rope ropewalkers go.

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■ And, at last, if the child

■ And, at last, if the childe.

more difficult in comparison with the learned.

Automation of the caused sound in this type of the speech concerns to the last the final stage.

■ And, at last, if the child already seized the diploma, it is possible to use our stories and fairy tales for independent reading.

To children with violation of a pronunciation it is useful to read the texts sated with the automated sound.

Progress to you!

Excellent student of education, logopedist of the top skills Tkachenko T.

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So, the child

So, the child The hardening can be begun with the birth The hardening can be begun in the first days after the birth.

It is necessary to show the child to the doctor only at first.

If the kid is healthy and the doctor does not find at it any signs of defeat of nervous system if he well sucks and constantly puts on weight, quietly begin a hardening.

So, the child was born.

If childbirth took place normally and the child is healthy if for the first days lost in the weight no more than g and if in the next days there is an increase in weight, already on y day, after survey by the doctor, it is possible to offer different options of a hardening.

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Anything As you can see, we suggest to make a start from an old golden rule: in democratic society everyone can always replace the role.

Anything new.

in our prompt and sharp world it it is better to replace the only thing that it would be desirable to add with a role of the aggressive dictator, than for a role of the dumb slave.

Of course, it is possible to investigate also a role of the slave.


We considered something similar when spoke about the guard and the captive.

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I feel in more

I feel in more And then everything became very easy.

I feel in more advantageous position they after all, generally simply sad men wishing pleasures.

However, maybe, such work suppressed me because I gave up it.

Other example the prostitute who had halfdozens of clients at night but which spoke, nevertheless, that very much quails with people who are pleasant to her.

Not easy to define barriers of the specific timid person because they are disguised.

Kakoyelibo action of such person can seem quite free and relaxed, but is based on hostility or fear.

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