Besides, the number

Besides, the number Frequency regress these in the movements of eyes depends on the level of automation of skill of reading: the reader is more skilled, the less visual regressions are made by him in the course of reading, and, on the contrary, the less readers experience, the is more often return to the already read.

Besides, the number of the regressive movements of eyes depends on characteristics of the readable text complexity, novelty, the importance for reading.

Besides regressive movements, when reading also the antitsipiruyushchy movements of eyes which allow to run in the text forward are noted.

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For example, if you want

For example, if you want Conversation with audience in people unreal achievement for this purpose who is frightened also one interlocutor.

A lot of time will be required to you and for division of your task into small, more available parts.

For example, if you want to get more friends, at the first stage it will be necessary to greet four strangers same week.

How to watch the progress.

You need to use the table of the South a notebook.

It is possible to ask friends to watch you.

How to award itself when performing each part of contrast.

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Isisis, isisis

Isisis, isisis Isisis, isisis Pier, commission, yew.

Isisis, isisis Larch, garden radish.

Isisis, isisis Liszt, actor, cypress.

Isisis, isisis Whistle, narcissus, barberry.

Isisis, isisis Spark, taxi driver, iris.

Isisis, isisis Attack, peep, compromise.

POKHOZHKI Foxes, rice and yew.

Peep, disk and risk.

Bowl, risk and cat.

Twist and whistle.

ODNOSLOVOVDRUGOMKI Peep in a subscription.

A leaf in a larch.

Foxes in the soloist.

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The child

The child The child reads simple frequency words entirely, synthetic, and meeting polysyllabic or unknown words, passes to poslogovy reading, At synthetic reading the child operates with the whole words and groups of words, fluently and correctly reads the whole offers.

The stages of consecutive integration of operational units of reading connected with mastering the child various ways steps of reading are in detail described by T.


Egorov The mechanisms of reading considered by us provide its technical aspect which creates conditions for formation of a semantic aspect of reading.

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If you cannot

If you cannot Avoid situations in which you feel discomfort, and people with whom you do not want to communicate.

If you cannot change a situation or correct own reaction, leave until the complex of own inferiority started developing in you.

Life is too short to spend time for grieves.

Give yourself time to relax, have a rest, listen to themselves, to derive pleasure from a hobby and affairs in which you can be engaged alone.

In such a way you will be able to communicate with yourself.

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It was not simple

It was not simple For the boy Olya did not take part in a name choice.

It was not simple first at it neither forces, nor time to think of it.

And here its native Oleg, parents and the fatherinlaw with the motherinlaw thought.

Were going to note the birth of the successor in the first evening and decided to name Maxim.

Then called Olya and joyfully informed her on it.

But the girlfriend at that moment had no time for them and not to a name to come to!

To such sad physical state absolutely the postnatal depression inopportunely increased.

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