In other

In other In other words, the boy with a name of the father will repeat his course of life and to possess similar qualities of character, and the girl called in honor of mother will become her copy.

Whether so it?

Whether the mythical component of a name is so strong, what together with a narecheniye the destiny is foreseen?

If it is rationally to argue, having cast away prejudices and mythical coincidence, the child anyway as call him, will inherit character or at least some lines of the parents.

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If you want

If you want And all because they learn language, using the abilities as the computer.

Children do not learn language, using only memory as adults do.

Over the years, however, such ability disappears.

If you want that your child well spoke a foreign language, I advise you to listen to cartridges disks in a foreign language from year age.

Development of software gives considerable effect even at learning of foreign language.

In Japanese system of training, the child starts learning English, having only passed into incomplete high school classes; an average step of high school in which children from to years are trained.

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Thus the toad

Thus the toad I beg you to be my wife!



the toad answers.

Come later, to blackberry bushes.

The crane approached blackberry with already open beak.

He wanted to swallow quicker a toad.

But here the toad ran out and dexterously put to a crane in a beak a tin circle.

Thus the toad cunning told: Here to you, crane, wedding ring!


Long the surprised crane could not close a beak.

BUG AND CENTIPEDE Kakto in the morning on a forest path the bug saw a centipede.

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She did not know

She did not know Brought to Olya her boy, she purely mechanically tried it to feed and could not wait when it is taken away back.

She was afraid of it.

If the kid during short moments of their communication started crying, Olya fell into a stupor.

She did not know how to calm him.

Was nervous.

To it it was awfully inconvenient before neigbours in chamber: their children are silent, and at it shouts.

Olya remembers that the atmosphere in maternity hospital was pressing.

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