After a bathtub

After a bathtub Number of players: This game will help children to know the body better.

After a bathtub lets the kid run about a little stark naked.

Take labels with cheerful physiognomies or with images of animals with which your child is familiar.

Give it one of them and show how to stick it to a body.

Specify the place, most convenient for a sticker, on his tummy, and let the tummy with a sticker move vzadvpered.

Specify to it a place where it is most convenient to attach a label on a cheek, and let it be inflated and blown off, also it can be fingers on legs to move with them, elbows to move them up and down, palms to open and close them.

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In case

In case To the child suggest to consider the picture and to tell that there occurs.

In case of difficulty the teacher asks the child the specifying questions: Who is represented on the picture?

What do people consider?

Who sells toys?

Who buys toys?

When you were in toy store?

With whom you were in shop?

What there bought you?

Why people go to toy store?

Then the child makes the story according to this picture.

IN THE YARD TASK Equipment: subject picture: near the house the big boy rides a swing, and nearby there is a little boy and sadly looks at it; nearby children play in a sandbox fig.

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A stone a cornelian. Dyne

A stone a cornelian. Dyne A stone diamond, obsidian.

Juliette Color emerald, white and lemon.

ZZ the Cancer, Scales and the Scorpion.

Will not suit the signs Capricorn and Taurus.

A stone a cornelian.

Dyne Color blue more dark shades.

ZZ the Capricorn, the Maiden, the Cancer.

Contradicts signs of Fire and Air.

A stone chrysoprase.

Evgenia Color beige, orange and lemon the muffled shade.

ZZ Scales, Twins.

Suits signs of elements of Earth a little and does not reflect character of signs of Water at all.

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Besides, the number

Besides, the number Frequency regress these in the movements of eyes depends on the level of automation of skill of reading: the reader is more skilled, the less visual regressions are made by him in the course of reading, and, on the contrary, the less readers experience, the is more often return to the already read.

Besides, the number of the regressive movements of eyes depends on characteristics of the readable text complexity, novelty, the importance for reading.

Besides regressive movements, when reading also the antitsipiruyushchy movements of eyes which allow to run in the text forward are noted.

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For example, if you want

For example, if you want Conversation with audience in people unreal achievement for this purpose who is frightened also one interlocutor.

A lot of time will be required to you and for division of your task into small, more available parts.

For example, if you want to get more friends, at the first stage it will be necessary to greet four strangers same week.

How to watch the progress.

You need to use the table of the South a notebook.

It is possible to ask friends to watch you.

How to award itself when performing each part of contrast.

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  • So, the child
  • The second
  • Conversation
  • Where mistake? ZAPRYATKI
  • baby
  • It was not simple
  • Then to it suggest
  • Milk, kefir
  • ■ And, at last, if the child
  • If you cannot