Subject: CLOTHES

Subject: CLOTHES Connect lines products and ware to the corresponding dish.

Exercise The fourth superfluous: Listen to words and call the excess word.

Explain, why it superfluous.

Plate, fork, bread, knife.

Wafers, cup, steeringwheel, crackers.

Cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, sausage.

Subject: CLOTHES To consider together with the child of the picture.

To acquaint him with names of subjects clothes.

To enshrine the generalizing concept clothes in the dictionary.

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Still the standardized

Still the standardized Still the standardized theoretically reasonable techniques of diagnostics of violation visual especially visual motor functions are not developed; there are no data on specifics of errors of reading at children with these violations; there is no technique of correctional work on elimination of the dyslexia caused by visual deficiency.

For the solution of the specified problems studying of formation of skills of reading at school students kh classes of comprehensive school during which the role of violations of oral speech and visual functions in emergence of technical and semantic mistakes when reading became clear was undertaken.

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That then

That then In case of difficulty reception of a pripominaniye is used.

Speak to the child: Remember when we bathed a doll, what we did in the beginning?

Find it on the picture and put its the first.

Truly, at first we a doll undressed, this picture.

That then we did?

Correctly, we bathed her, here it is drawn.

And then that did with a doll?

Truly, we wiped it a towel, this picture.

And then what did?

Correctly, we to it put on a new dress, here again the girl puts on a new dress a doll.

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Of course, for a while. But after

Of course, for a while. But after Besides, after a cleaning enema temperature usually falls on degrees, and the condition of the child improves.

Of course, for a while.

But after all aspirin and pyramidon too reduce temperature only for , hours.

Then it is necessary to give them several times Simply water it is impossible to give an enema!

It must be kept in mind that children cannot give an enema the simply water by no means.

At high temperature of a body the usual water entered through an enema actively is soaked up by intestines and takes with itself harmful products of an exchange.

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Intuitive Material passes an approbation stage in childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori.

Date NUMBERS Age years Exercise purpose Comparison of the alphabetic image of number to its digital image.

Intuitive reading.

Material In a box plates with the words written on them lie: one, two, three, four, five etc.

Square small cards with figures from to are applied to it.

The child takes out the description of work from a box of a card and orders them, displaying the word and the corresponding figure nearby.

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  • Conversation
  • Where mistake? ZAPRYATKI
  • baby
  • It was not simple
  • Then to it suggest
  • Milk, kefir
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