The child

The child In the beginning the child is given only the general instruction: Call in a hand bell!

If it starts jumping up, seeking to grab a hand bell uvula, the teacher speaks: Think that can help to call you in a hand bell.

The child most often starts pulling for the longest string.

But the hand bell thus does not ring.

Having given to the child opportunity independently several times to pull a false string, the teacher speaks: You hear that the hand bell does not ring, try to pull other string!

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Violations The child has ideas of sound structure slo g and words of oral speech, is able to unite speech segmen you syllables, words in a whole on the basis of the ustnorechevy sample.

Violations in formation of these operations at drive to difficulties of a slogosliyaniye, admissions, addition holes and to repetitions of letters, complicate mastering the synthetic reading.

At the child representations about morfolo are created gichesky structure of the word and coordination of words in a prebed scientific research institute on the basis of what there is an anticipation and a pony mania of the contents.

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Daily nearly

Daily nearly daily nearly an every day often, almost every other day time two in a week more rare, whose once a week seldom, once a month or is more rare It is how desirable to be for you it is very undesirable it is undesirable neither that, nor another = it is desirable it is very desirable As far as you are timid the friend one age, sex?

= is much more timid = is more timid = approximately also = is less timid is much less timid Whether have you kogdanibud had problems with shyness?

yes, it is frequent = yes, sometimes = yes, from time to time = it is rare = never When you feel shyness, whether you can hide it from others?

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Same we will

Same we will It is better to do vaccination some months prior to receipt in a garden.

Then the period of adaptation of the child to the new environment will pass easier.

Same we will protect the child from inoculative complications.

The ADSM component is dangerous!

It is better for the weakened children to do an inoculation by a vaccine which does not contain a protivokoklyushny component ADSM as most of doctors considers what exactly adverse reactions to an inoculation are most often connected with this component.

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Milk, kefir

Milk, kefir Salt Liquidly, but not water, It is white, but not snow.

Milk, kefir I drink it in the mornings, It is useful to me and you.

Juice, tea And komkovato, And nozdrevato, And it is soft, And withdrawal pains, And it is lovelier than all.

Bread What on a frying pan pour yes four times bend?

Pancake In purely cleaned svetlichka Sestrynevelichka doze.

These sisters all day Get a spark.

Matches Handmade articles and drawings from products Very often parents buy to children one box with colored pencils and a box with paints and some brushes for their creative attempts.

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