When I asked

When I asked Since the moment an izlitiya of waters passed twenty !


The second childbirth of Dinara differed in nothing from the first too heavy, long, with stimulation and the long waterless period at the child.

When I asked Dinara why, in her opinion, occurred quite so, she answered: We with mother came to a conclusion that this hereditary.

Mother too had difficult both first, and second childbirth, and the uterus neck also long did not reveal.

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To study

To study Methods and results of research of visual functions For achievement of the objectives of our research we studied such visual functions as speed, volume, sequence and accuracy of reproduction of visual incentives, tracing of moving incentives, visual working capacity.

To study a condition of visual recognition at younger school students, stimulny images of subjects were experimentally selected.

Procedure of selection of stimuljny images consisted in presentation to each child of theme groups of images vegetables, fruit, ware, clothes, footwear.

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About the contract

About the contract Nastya was going to give birth in maternity hospital at oh to childrens hospital.

So the doctor advised it.

It recommended the specific obstetrician of the gynecologist.

Nastya went to it on some surveys and understood that they will work well together.

About the contract she did not even think: time the doctor recommended directly to agree with the doctor, so and it is necessary to make.

Besides, neither the separate chamber, nor presence of the husband were not necessary to Nastya.

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He began

He began.

Zoya answered: She fell down from a table!


What strange vase!

mother was surprised.

And she when fell, told you Goodbye?


ZAYKAZAZNAYKA On a green glade, in the wood, gathered kakto some hares.

One hare, with a dark stain on a back, climbed on a stub.

He began to tell other hares about the feats.


the hare told.

I am the strongest animal in the wood.

For me to cope with a fox trifles.

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Then to it suggest

Then to it suggest Occupation course.

Before the child display all pictures and ask them to consider.

Then to it suggest to spread out them one after another: Spread out so that it was clear that the boy drew in the beginning that then, and that he drew at the end.

Make the story according to these pictures.

In case of difficulty the teacher starts displaying pictures and speaks: Here the boy started drawing, see, he drew the line.

What then he drew?

, etc.

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